Bette Midler Cosmetic Surgery

American singer-songwriter, actress and comedian Bette Midler, also known by her informal stage name "The Divine Miss M", is rumored to have succumbed to cosmetic surgery to maintain her youthful image. 

To be more exact, Bette Midler's appearance at the Jean-Paul Gaultier show at Paris Fashion Week in March 2012 turned heads and caused a stir online.

Celebrity watchers and tabloids have accused Midler, 68, of having a stiff and an unmoving face, insisting it was hard to tell the actress was pleased being there...

The question is: "What plastic surgeon experts believe about Bette Midler's cosmetic surgery?"

Celebrity plastic surgeon expert Dr. Anthony Youn claimed Midler appears too "waxy" from botox, saying that she has gone too far that he doesn't even notice a single line on her decidedly tight face.

"The Divine Miss M appears to be trying to look as young as her look-a-like daughter," Dr. Anthony Youn, who has not treated Midler, confessed to celebrity

"Her forehead is so smooth it appears to have the waxy sheen of supermarket fruit. This could be possibly due to overdone Botox injections. I also suspect that she's had injections of filler into her cheeks," Dr. Anthony Youn was quoted as saying.

"I must hand it to her though, she definitely doesn't look like most 66-year-olds!" Dr. Anthony Youn  added.

Dr. Val Lambros, a Newport Beach plastic surgeon, reveals a smile can mask signs of some cosmetic treatment. But, he points out: "Surgery or not, I think she looks pretty good. More is frequently not better."

On the other hand, there are several cosmetic surgeons who suspect that Midler has also had a browlift, because her hairline seems pretty receded. (Browlifts typically move the hairline back a centimeter, sometimes two.)

Just in case you are curious to know Bette Midler's opinion about cosmetic surgery, the star reveals that although she has not had cosmetic surgery yet, this does not mean that she would not consider it in the future.

"Doesn't everybody consider it? When it really starts to cave in, I probably will start to give it a real good think," Bette admitted.

It has to be noted that Bette Midler attributes her current appearance to good genes, a healthy diet and workout.

Serena Williams Cosmetic Surgery

American professional tennis player Serena Williams is suspected to have succumbed  to cosmetic surgery to improve her appearance.  

Williams, 33, is speculated to have gotten a nose job, butt augmentation surgery, breast implants, liposuction, tummy tuck and botox injections.

Williams' butt augmentation surgery increased the size of her butt, taking them from average to unnaturally large! 

It is reported that the currently ranked No. 1 in women's singles tennis athlete got butt implants or fat transfer. Given the fact she had liposuction on her waistline, it is possibly a fat transfer. In that case, the cosmetic surgeon expert harvests fat from one body part and injects it into another.

Serena turned heads when she made an appearance on the red carpet at the EPSY Awards in 2011 flaunting her voluptuous cleavage! Wearing a low cut sexy pink dress, Williams exposed her large breast implants. 

It is apparent that Serena had liposuction on her abs and waistline. Taking a look at the pictures, we notice that her stomach seems really lumpy. Taking into consideration that she put on  30 lbs, her waistline and abs remain the same and more defined than they were when she was at her slimmest and strongest. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to claim that Serena's stomach is identical with Tara Reid's awful lipo tummy.

According to cosmetic surgeons, when the liposuction is performed, the fat cells are removed which means your body can no longer store fat in that area. The reason why liposuction can seem lumpy and bizarre is when a patient's weight fluctuates.

Most of the rumors about Serena Williams cosmetic surgery began in 2010 when her fans have noticed that Serena's nose shape seems to have changed. 

Looking at her images taken after 2010 and comparing them with older ones, her old nose was wide, round and bigger with a slightly bulbous tip while now looks thinner, more narrowed and refined, an indication of a well-executed nose job as the result is very subtle. It seems she did not have any work done on the bridge of her nose. A rhinoplasty is not a rare procedure, especially amongst celebrities who are African Americans as their nose shape tends to be a little wider.

 On the other hand, we should take into account Serena's passion of beauty products. Maybe, the nose looks narrowed and refined thanks to her excellent makeup techniques.

In one of the images, taken just after her foot surgery, her eyes seem black and this might be a possible side effect of a nose job. Some people who believe this theory insist that Williams might have gotten a nose job when she was at the hospital for her foot surgery. As for other speculations, some people were wondering if Serena Williams might have gotten some botox injections, which is a very common operation amongst celebrities, because now she looks fresh-faced.

According to People magazine: "Williams was reportedly hurt by a broken glass at a restaurant while she was in Munich - shortly after winning her fourth Wimbledon singles title - last month and had surgery on July 15."

Miami cosmetic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer was quoted as saying: "It certainly appears as if Serena Williams has had liposuction on her abdomen or tummy in the past. Her stomach is not smooth although she does not have very much fat on her abdomen. People who have very little fat to begin with, as I'm sure Serena did, that opt to have a little refinement with liposuction must be careful because she will have less fat to compensate for any irregularities created."

What do you think? Did Serena Williams have cosmetic surgery?

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Vanessa Marcil Cosmetic Surgery

American actress Vanessa Marcil, famous for playing Brenda Barrett on "General Hospital", Gina Kincaid on "Beverly Hills, 90210" and Sam Marquez on "Las Vegas", is rumored to have succumbed to cosmetic surgery to maintain her youthful image.

Marcil, 46, is suspected to have undergone a nose job, facelift, botox injections, lip, cheek and breast implants.

Judging by the before and after images, it is quite clear that Vanessa's appearance has changed a lot. She looks more youthful and stunning than before without a single wrinkle on her face! Given the fact that she is in her mid forties, such a flawless look is impossible without the help of cosmetic surgery.

Marcil's facial skin appears totally tight and smooth for her age. There is not any evidence of sagging skin, an indication of a facelift working well on her face.

There are no wrinkles and lines on the star's face, a sign of botox injections.

Vanessa's lips look quite different as they currently are fuller and plumper than before, an indication of lip implants.
Also the Vanessa's nose has slightly changed as it now seems sharper with a narrower nasal bridge.

Judging by the before and after shots, one can easily notice the difference in Marcils's bust. Her breasts are now bigger, fuller and rounder, but perfectly shaped as they are well sized to fit with the rest of her body features. 

Some celebrity watchers estimate that Marcil has also gotten cheek implants to improve her profile and remove any shrunken areas.

Conclusion: Marcil looks younger than her actual age. The cosmetic surgeries she performed were 100% successful as she is more pretty than ever.